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Belkys Design is a handmade jewelry business that provides soul inspired statement jewelry.
My mission is to make jewelry that enhances personal aesthetics, educates, and has the ability to narrate your personal history.
I am a self-taught Maker, and this business has been in the development phase for several years.

 I am trained in the area of Occupational Therapy and have worked as a COTA for many years. I have worked in several facets of Occupational Therapy, but my experience in the area of Pediatrics, particularly School Based Therapy, has inspired my interest in creating the line of jewelry Branches of Knowledge, whose  purpose is to inform everyone about the significant contributions/innovations that black and brown people have made to the exceptionalism of the United States and  the world.  There Can Only Be One has inspired me to repurpose scrap metal pieces that come from previously fabricated jewelry that I've made.

The Beedz line is jewelry made from sterling silver and micro beads whose texture provides a great sensory experience to the wearer who seeks tactile input.

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